• Entrepreneurs jump...

  • and build a parachute on the way down.

  • It's better with others.


Who We Are

The Fellowhood is an international trade association for businessmen. Entrepreneurship plays an important role in each of our lives. Members support each other's development and growth. We are well-rounded, highly capable individuals; we cherish a culture of excellence.

As a private and exclusive members-only group, membership applications are evaluated using criteria established by the membership. A probationary period determines the long-term suitability of a candidate.

What We Do

We share our knowledge, provide resources to each other, and leverage each other's social networks. We pursue shared activities. We gather and discuss.

We are a Community

The world changes quickly. Everyone goes through ups and down. We value and promote authenticity. When shared, the good times are better. When shared, the bad times are better too. It can be difficult for entrepreneurs to find their tribe.

Business depends on good will and trust. We engage the world accordingly.

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Who organizes activities?

At the moment, whoever steps up on an organic basis. We may explore more systematic approaches.

Will there be a 'clubhouse' ?

A custom website and/or app is likely. Possible features include member vetting, a place for members to share resources, a member directory, and tools to facilitate in-person meetings. Your suggestions and ideas are appreciated.

How is membership determined ?

Precise membership criteria has not yet been determined. For the moment, provisional membership is open to all past and present members of The Brotherhood. A vetting process with a strong focus on personal relationships is envisioned.

What are the membership dues ?

There are no mandatory dues; none are planned. We all benefit from having a large number of high-quality members. Dues reduce our membership. Revenue models which preserve member value will be explored should it seem prudent. Members are responsible for their own expenses for all activities.

Who governs The Fellowhood ?

We are a member-driven organization. Members volunteer their time to vet membership applications, provide an appropriate on-boarding process for new members, and other necessary functions. A high degree transparency is demanded. We seek to avoid internal politics. While final say on the direction of the organization remains the responsibility of the founding individual, decisions are delegated to members where practical.

What is The Fellowhood's relationship with The Brotherhood ?

We have no official affiliation with each other. Many Fellowhood members first met through The Brotherhood. While the organizations are in some ways alike, each organization has it's own philosophies and leadership. We celebrate our respectful co-existence.

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